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Odix is a company incorporated in October 2020 by three founders with multidisciplinary expertise and experience in executive positions. The company is focusing on the development and the commercialization of innovative orthopedic revalidation solutions.

LumbaCure® is the lead project in the ODIX portfolio. It aims at developing a robotic device for treatment and prevention of low back pain, the main cause of disability worldwide. The device market launch is planned by mid-2025.


Low Back Pain

Project pipeline

  • feasibility
  • Engineering prototype
  • Clinical trial
  • Design & Engineering
  • Registration
  • feasibility
  • Engineering prototype
  • Clinical trial
  • Design & Engineering
  • Registration
  • LumbaCure®

The Pathology

Based on the "Global burden disease study”, Low Back Pain was classified as the most harmful, non-fatal disease and the leading cause of disability worldwide with high socio-economic impact. Back pain results in subjectively impaired health, reduced performance in everyday life and work, and even withdrawal from social life or complete loss of quality of life. Back pain leads to absenteeism from work and reduced productivity. The condition affects at any time 30 mio of people in US and 60 mio of people in Europe (prevalence > 7.5%). The expectations for the next 30 years are a gradual worsening of those figures by a factor of 1.5. Patients with back pain are therefore a major challenge for the healthcare system. Furthermore, the restriction of participation and quality of life associated with the disease calls for innovative new therapeutic approaches that lead to a faster and lasting reduction of back pain.

Mattiuzzi et al. 2020 – Current epidemiology of low back pain – Journal of Hospital Management and Health Policy Dutmer et al. 2019 – Personal and societal impact of low back pain

Leading cause
of disability

+ 550 Mio

0.1 to 0.2 % of
gross domestic


Lumbacure is a robotic system that systematically moves the (lower) spine of affected patients with a complex proprietary algorithm. This project is financially supported by SPW Wallonia DGO6.


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Co-development partners

In order to extend its portfolio, Odix is open to partnership in the field of activity of the company. This partnership can be : a co-development, the acquisition of an un-mature project or of an un-exploited patent, or even the distribution/commercialization of a more mature project. Please contact us for more information.

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Gordenne Valerie
founder & CEO

Industrial pharmacist with more than 20 years of experience in pharma industry in drug development, regulatory and manufacturing, former CSO of Mithra Pharmaceuticals


Frankenne Francis
founder & CSO

Doctor in Biochemistry, at the origin of the idea of LumbaCure® project, creation of Mithra's research Department and research portfolio Management (2000 - 2012), former CEO of Belma s.a. and Themise s.a.


Delcorps Xavier
founder & CFO

Master in Sport Sciences & Kinesiology with 25 years' experience in Medical Devices, International Business Development, former CCO Spentys s.a.


Deflandre Sophie
project leader

Graduated in Biomedical Engineering from ULiege in 2021 and trained in entrepreneurship at HEC


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